Friday, 6 January 2017

The Liberation - Kate Furnivall

The Liberation is set in Italy in 1945 as British and American troops attempt to bring order to the devastated country and Italy’s population fights to survive. Caterina Lombardi is desperate – her father is dead, her mother has disappeared and her brother is being drawn towards danger. One morning, among the ruins of the bombed Naples streets, Caterina is forced to go to extreme lengths to protect her own life and in doing so forges a future in which she must clear her father's name. An Allied Army officer accuses him of treason and Caterina discovers a plot against her family. Who can she trust and who is the real enemy now? And will the secrets of the past be her downfall?

This epic novel is an unforgettably powerful story of love, loss and the long shadow of war.

What I thought:

This is the first book that I've read by this author. The cover looked so inviting and I just love a good historical romance, though I have to say, now I've read it, I wouldn't really call it a romance. It's more of an adventure, a big, epic, thrilling adventure, with a little romance subtly woven in. It is a truly wonderful read.

The story is set in Italy, in Sorrento, Naples and Capri, once so rich and opulent, now practically in ruins, its people struggling to survive. Where orphaned children are left to scavenge like animals in the streets and where family loyalty and honour is everything.

Caterina Lombardi provides for her family by crafting beautiful wooden musical boxes and selling them. A skill taught to her by her father, who before he was killed when a bomb hit his workshop, was a master craftsman, renowned for making exceptional pieces of wooden furniture. Abandoned years ago by her mother, Caterina was now left to look after her younger brother and blind grandfather.

When her father's integrity is put into question after a visit from an Army Intelligence Officer, whose job it is to recover the country's stolen treasures, Caterina is quick to defend him. She embarks on a mission to clear her father's name, but in doing so she puts her life and that of her family at risk.

Caterina is quite a woman! Gutsy, feisty, proud and courageous, she soon proves that she can hold her own. I loved her character.

This is quite a thick book, but it is absolutely packed with action. Rich in intrigue and suspense, secrets and lies, deceit, kidnap and murder, I was hooked from the start. I had no idea at all of what the outcome would be. Each chapter brought yet more mystery and even more tension and suspense. It was totally captivating.

A gripping read, highly recommended.

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